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Thursday, June 08, 2006

What's New in Version 2

Hi everyone!

After a long wait, Version 2 of the Ultimo Puzzle Forums is finally here! We thought we'd highlight some of the new changes for you:

  • Banner: We have a new GORGEOUS banner right at the top of the page!
  • Menu: There are new, witty menu buttons along with an awesome PM bar who's text changes color when you have a PM.
  • Background: A new, easier-on-the-eyes background. No more distracting images-just soothing textures and gradients.
  • Board Listing on the Main Page: Cleaned up, so it looks great! There are now moderator listings to tell you who's running the board. New images tell you whether there's something in the board you haven't read yet. "Dividing bars" between categories are now stylish images.
  • Links section: It's no longer an obtrusive sidebar. Links are now positioned neatly at the bottom of the page.
  • Affiliates: There is now a faster marquee so you don't have to agonize as you watch the mini-banners crawl by. Also, we have our mini-banner and are ready to affiliate with anyone who wants!
The list goes on and on: new codes, ranking images, staff, etc. Thank you to the Graphic Wizzard (htt:// for doing the redesign. Before I bore you all to death, I just want to highlight one more change. It may be the most important one.

The Ultimo Puzzle Forums is replacing the old "enter password" for the clubs. Additionally, there will be limited access to all level help threads 21 and up. To gain entrance to these areas, you will have to PM me with the password that you got from the appropriate level checkpoint. I will then grant you access to the areas that you have merited. For example, say that you complete the level 20 checkpoint. On the "Congratulations" page for beating that checkpoint, you are given a password. You PM that password to me on the forums. I then grant you access to Club21 and the 21-40 support board. Once you complete level 40 and get and PM me the next password, I grant you access to the FourtyOne Cafe and the (soon to be created) 41-60 support board. We hope that this new system will encourage activity in the Clubs and limit access to the higher puzzle board to those who actually have earned it.

Now that we've made it to Version 2 of the forums, here's our current plans for the future:

  • Redoing the puzzles themselves in XHTML/CSS. We've gotten started, but are working to iron out the wrinkles in our code. (I am doing the conversion and have never done CSS positioning before, so I've been experimenting and learning along the way.)
  • Redesigning the "introductory" pages before the puzzle. Yup, that means making the puzzle start page better and redoing other "non-puzzle" pages.
  • Possibly redesigning the blog.
  • We may get our own domain. We'll see. :)
  • As always, we'll be working hard to add more puzzles and present you with the best online puzzle experience. The team is hard at work evaluating our progress, running the project, providing support and planing for the feature.

On behalf of the Ultimo Puzzle team, I hope you enjoy the updates we've made to the forums. Please come by and post! We're here to give you support on any challenges you might face while doing the puzzles. Even if you're doing fine, please make a few posts in the General area.

Have fun puzzling!

Webmaster and P.R. Director
Admin, Ultimo Puzzle Project


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