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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Staff Member!

Well, as you all know, we've been looking for another staff member for quite a while. As our forum member base differentiated, we thought of hiring one of the more active members. Lucky for us, we found a great staff member: DROACH. He has been active since nearly day 1. Therefore, we are happy to promote to official MODERATOR position. A quick quote from DROACH:
Approximately three months ago I found a list list of online puzzle games via I tried most of them but the one that i enjoyed most was this one. The first puzzle got me hooked and from there it became an obsession, which then led to the addiction that is the ultimo puzzle.
It was the one game that tested my intelligence as well as my ability to research and break codes. By furthering myself and joining the forums, i became familiar with the ultimo community. As time progressed, i tried to assist new members as i was helped in the past. Eventually my charity was recognized by the staff of ultimo and was approached about becoming a moderator of the forums, which i gladly accepted. Just recently i have reached check point #2 and am concentrating on my forum duties and awaiting the next set of puzzles. They cant come soon enough. i love this puzzle.
DROACH, we look forawrd to your continued activity and helpfullness on the forum. Welcome to the staff!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Developing Ultimo forums...Version 2

In the past few weeks, we've been talking about big changes at the Forums. Well, here's the announcement: the Ultimo staff in working in conjunction with the staff at to create The Ultimo Forums Version 2. The redseign is already in progress! You can visit the Forum as it transforms. We'll make an announcement when it's all done.

We hope that the new design will increase the visual appeal of the site and make it easier to work on and navigate. Hopefully, after the forums are done, a redesign of the website follow quickly.

See you on the forums!

P.S. We're also really excited about our feature spot on We'd like to thank you for the interest you have in our project. Your support made us dedicate ourselves. It has paid off. We are on a major gaming website!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Restructuring the puzzle part of the forums

Hey everyone!

as the puzzle board was getting cluttered, I have moved puzzles between checkpoint 1 and 2 (21-40) into their own sub board. we're now going to continue in this manner, making a new subboard for the puzzles 41-60 and then another for the set after, and so on.

this keeps each board down to one page, making it easier to find the thread for the puzzle you want to comment on.

so thats where the threads went.

have fun!


36-40 now open!

Hey everyone!

Guess what? puzzles 36, 37, 38, 38 and 40 are now open!

after the checkpoint at 40, you guys will be in for a nice surprise, but right now I cant say what it is... i can just tell you geekazoid999 has something special planned...

anyway, have fun with these new 5 levels.

then get ready for the 3rd set of levels!

I dont know about you, but I can't wait!

well, have fun everyone. Happy puzzling!


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rebuilding Ultimo

Great News!
The Ultimo Team is rebuilding the entire Ultimo Puzzle-into clean XHTML/CSS. If this is gibberish to you, it means that the Ultimo Puzzle will be compatible with the newsest borwser features. Also, it means that the Ultimo Team will be able to fix problematic web pages and layouts very quickly, and change all of the puzzles with the push of a button. As the conversion progresses, the status of the undertaking will be posted on the home page.

In the long term, our hope is to include a new feature: theme/skin switching. Say that the current look of the site hurts your eyes. With one click of a button, you would be able to change the look of the page (much like changing your skin on the forums)

To technology oriented people: If you notice bugs in our new coding, feel free to post in the website feedback sub-board on the forum. There's obviously going to be some bugs in our CSS at first, so don't hesistate to tell us. We also welcome suggestions for improvement.

Keep puzzling!