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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Levels 31-35

Great News! The migration is complete. The Ultimo Puzzle, in its entirety, can now be found at Levels, 31-34, previously hosted only on geocities, have been copied onto googlepages. (A hearty thanks to garrettrub!) Aditionally, the team is proud to announce the realease of Level 35. It is available both on geocities and googlepages. (As always, we recommend googlepages.)

On a seperate note, we would like to issue a call for Staff Members and Affiliates. More details concerning staffing may be found Here. You may also email us Here. Affiliation means we post your minibanner on our site, you post ours on your site. Once, again email us. Links concerning affiliation and recruitement may be found in the sidebar of this blog, the sidebar of the forums and on the main page of the googlepages site.

Have fun puzzling!


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