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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Restructuring at the Forums

During the past two weeks, the Ultimo team reorganized much of the forums. Major changes included the creation of an "Ultimo Project" category, including boards and sub-boards for discussing the puzzles, blog and forums, applying for team membership and affiliatiing. These changes are part of an effort by the team to make the entire "Ultimo Project" more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, future improvements will include a new, cohesive design for the forum, website and blog and new organization for the website.

However, the team needs your help! Invite friends to try the puzzle and be active members on the forums. Add the blog's atom feed to your favorite aggregator. If you have a proboard or puzzle, go apply for affiliation on the forum. If you review games on your blog or site, give us a spot! The team cannot really thank you enough. The team hopes that you will continue to puzzle over the puzzle :-) and support the project.
Links to the places mentioned above may be found in the sidebar.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Levels 31-35

Great News! The migration is complete. The Ultimo Puzzle, in its entirety, can now be found at Levels, 31-34, previously hosted only on geocities, have been copied onto googlepages. (A hearty thanks to garrettrub!) Aditionally, the team is proud to announce the realease of Level 35. It is available both on geocities and googlepages. (As always, we recommend googlepages.)

On a seperate note, we would like to issue a call for Staff Members and Affiliates. More details concerning staffing may be found Here. You may also email us Here. Affiliation means we post your minibanner on our site, you post ours on your site. Once, again email us. Links concerning affiliation and recruitement may be found in the sidebar of this blog, the sidebar of the forums and on the main page of the googlepages site.

Have fun puzzling!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Puzzle Maker's Guide to Puzzles

The Ultimo Puzzle was inspired by the highly acclaimed Enigma Puzzle. In this spirit, I would like to share a really cool guide written by Energythief, Enigma's creator. In the guide, he relates how he actually makes his puzzles. You should note that the Ulitmo Puzzle team (Garrettrub in particular) uses the same technique.

Most of the puzzles I've created in one of four methods: "Top-Down", "Bottom-Up", "Deliberately Instructive" or "Combination". I'll share an example of each, using only the first few levels as examples so as not to give anything major away.
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Monday, April 03, 2006


The basics of the blog have been set up.
Here's some status information on the Ultimo Puzzle:
Just some of our goals:
  • Be featured on gaming blogs and sites.
  • Get to checkpoint two (Level 40).
  • Make our blog, forum and website better. This includes better graphics, codes, etc.
We're looking for:
  • Coders, graphics designers and moderators. Apply here!
  • Level ideas. Got a good one? Email us.
  • Any suggestions whatsoever! Post your idea on the suggestions board at the forums.
  • Affiliates. Once again, Email us.
That's all for now. Suscribe to our atom feed to have updates delivered to whatever feed aggregator you use.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Ultimo Puzzle Blog is here!

Welcome to the Ultimo Puzzle Blog! We're currently setting up a blog to give you reports about the Ultimo Puzzle and the world of online riddles in general. More info later.